Book Cover Basics For Indie Authors by Dawn Witzke

Learn what it takes to make a professional looking cover from book cover designer, Dawn Witzke. She’ll cover design programs, artwork, typography and how to put it all together.

Book Cover Design for Indie Authors 1. Learn what makes a good cover A. Follow cover critic/educational blogs B. Create a tear file 2. What makes a good cover? A. Eye catching artwork a. hints at what the book is about b. uncluttered B. Typography a. Stick to no more than 2 fonts b. Font needs to match genre C. Layout 3. Who is going to create your cover? a. Designer b. Premade c. do it yourself 4. Do It Yourself a. Where are you using your cover? b. Kindle c. Create Space d. Smashwords e. Amazon 5. What are the specs? a. Size b. DPI c. Bleed 6. Artwork a. From where? b. Illustrator c. Public Domain d. Self provided e. Copyright 7. Typography a. Font b. Size c. Readability 8. Layout a. Lines b. Spacing 9. Examples 10. Questions

Cosplay Armor 101 by SISA Cosplay

Ever wanted to do an awesome armored cosplay but don’t know where to start? This panel is just for you! You’ll learn about different basic methods to creating cosplay armor. We’ll go over supplies, pattern making, material choices, priming, painting, finishing, and wearing!

Creating a Universe with Dylan Jacobson

Look at what goes into creating a comic’s universe and characters. Dylan Jacobson will use his series Champions to reflect and discuss creating a universe for visual storytelling media.

Foamsmithing 101 with Jacob Cox

Join Jake, a.k.a. MrGryphon of The Geeky Gryphons, winners of 2016 Siouxpercon’s Best in Show, to learn the way of EVA. This is a live demonstration of the basic techniques you need to make amazing foam armor and accessories for your cosplay. 

Introduction to tools and materialsBasic and advanced techniquesPattern making primerConstruction of basic armor piece Q&A.

Comic Creating Workshop with Jason Folkerts

Jason will pick a series of favorite characters and teach you how to draw them as full body designs, along the way a few of the tricks and techniques that certain artists like Jack Kirby, John Byrne, George Perez, Frank Miller, Tim Sale. Jim Lee and Steranko utilized to create energy and action and give them a memorable style that other artists copied. Also, during this panel workshop time if time allows he will teach people how to draw creative face shots of your favorite heroes – He calls it “five minute sketches” that anyone can learn to do and can impress other people, characters faces like Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Ironman, and villains too – such as Darth Vadar, Red Skull, Green Goblin, etc.
Jason  will be creating a 4×8 canvas hero painting on Saturday that will be given away, folks can swing by and put in a name to win.

Let’s Talk About Fursuiting

Here we will talk about Fursuits, their basic construction, and their uses for Cosplay. We will have examples of materials, and explain some important “Do”s and “Don’t”s of animal costume construction.

Meet the South Dakota Ghostbusters

We’ll talk about who we are and what we do. We’ll go over our costumes, equipment, ecto, and what we do and how to join us.

The Wonderful World of Miku Miku Dance by Serenity Lee

After seeing those funny/sad/mind-blowing 3D animations on the internet, you’d want make them too, right? But where do you start? That’s where this panel comes in! Prepare for a crash course of learning the basics of MMD! We’ll cover where to not only find the software, but also point you in the direction of becoming part of the ever-growing MMD community!

Come learn the basics of Miku Miku Dance and learn some tips and tricks from two veteran MMD users.

Weird Science with Dr Rob Pyatt

Dr. Rob Pyatt will lead this discussion of some of the strangest science studies ever conducted like “Transplant of Beavers by Airplane and Parachute” and “Personality Characteristics of Robot Vacuum Cleaners”. Attendees can also participant in a weird science study of their own.

Tom Nguyen Studio

Not only is Tom Nguyen a talented comic book artist but he is an accomplished photographer. Come hear Tom talk about his second passion, fitness and glamour photography
Tom Nguyen and His Photography will be on Saturday, May 13th at 11 pm in Amphitheater 2

The Sioux Empire Podcast

Come participate in a live recording of The Sioux Empire Podcast! Come join the podcast crew as they talk about their day at Siouxpercon and their impressions of it. The podcast crew will also talk about the podcast itself and the process of making an episode with some local news and humor thrown in for fun.
The Sioux Empire Podcast will be on Saturday, May 13th at 10 pm in Amphitheater 2

Nonsensical Notion, Awesome Anime? by Daniel Gillette

Join in this semi-open form discussion about anime with plot synopses that sound incoherent or not interesting but are actually really good. Daniel will go over a few examples of NNAA and have the audience participate by suggesting some NNAA they have seen and what makes them like it. Come join in the discussion and possibly find some new anime to watch. Please no trash talking each other’s taste in anime!
Nonsensical Notion, Awesome Anime? will be on Saturday, May 13th at 9 pm in Amphitheater 2

Streamer Meetup and Getting Started Guide by Aaron Giddings

This panel is for local streamers and Youtubers to meet up with each other. Come and make new friends, swap ideas, and push each other forward. Aaron will also provide some suggestions for how to get started with streaming or video creation, what hardware and software you need, etc. Streamers and Youtubers will be able to post up their info and give a 60 second “Elevator pitch” about their channel followed by a Q&A
Streamer Meetup and Getting Started Guide will be on Saturday, May 13th at 8 pm in Amphitheater 2

Otis Frampton

Join Otis Frampton as he discusses his popular YouTube channel How It Really Should Have Ended, his career as a comic book illustrator, and answers your questions!
Otis Frampton’s panel will be on Saturday, May 13th at 4 pm in Amphitheater 1

Ken F. Levin Presents FROM COMICS TO THE SCREEN: How Comics Took Hollywood By Storm, As Seen From the E…

Once they held their noses, now they can’t get enough. How exactly did comics take over the big and little screens? Find out from the person who has been fighting those battles for two decades (and can now declare victory!)
Ken F. Levin negotiated and/or set up among many projects the feature films ROAD TO PERDITION, WANTED, HELLBOY, and HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY and the television series SABLE and PAINKILLER JANE. Since moving into production, he has produced the feature film THE SCRIBBLER (starring Arrow’s Katie Cassidy) and is Executive Producer on QUARRY and Executive Producer on the coming series THE BOYS (both for HBO/Cinemax), and is Executive Producer on PREACHER (on AMC Network), which just began the filming of its 13 Episode second season in January. Ken also co-founded and is the President and Executive Editor of the iconic comics and graphic novel publisher 1First Comics, and is regularly named to Bleeding Cool’s annual list of the 100 most powerful people in the comics industry.
Ken Levin Presents From Comics to the Screen: How Comics Took Hollywood By Storm, As Seen from the Eye of the Hurricane will be on The Black Hills Federal Credit Union Stage on Saturday, May 13th & Sunday, May 14th at 3 pm

Spotlight on Bill Willingham

Raconteur, elegant writer, story teller supreme, Bill Willingham is the New York Times bestselling creator of the long running Fables comic series, along with writing many other comic books, prose novels and short stories. Come and learn about Bill’s extraordinary career, starting with his first comics job as a back-up artist for iconic independent publisher 1First Comics when there were only two other comics publishers — Marvel and DC! Also get a sneak preview of LARK’S KILLER, Bill’s first original fantasy series since he created Fables in 2002, which became one of the best loved (and best selling) comics series of all time. Moderated by Ken F. Levin, with Special Guest Megan Sloane.
Also at this panel we’ll learn the fastest way to make a great Eggs Benedict, why your cuttings of basil aren’t rooting, and how to adjust the camshaft when your Ford 150 starts to buck (wait… that may be a different panel… hold on a second … umm … well move along and we’ll have this sorted out before the panel actually starts … PHYLLIS I NEED YOU !!)
Spotlight on Bill Willingham will be on The Black Hills Federal Credit Union Stage on Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th at 1 pm.

Posing for Cosplay by VDR Cosplay

There’s nothing like spending tons of time and money getting your cosplay in order only to freeze up the moment there’s a camera in your face. Rachel from VDR Cosplay will share with you how to up your posing game by going over different aspects of posing for photos.
Posing for Cosplay will be on Saturday, May 13th at noon in Amphitheater 2

The 501st Legion

Join the 501st Legion as they discuss all things Star Wars and answer your questions!
The 501st Legion will be on The Black Hills Federal Credit Union Stage at 11 am on Saturday, May 13th.

Back to the Future: Adventures in a DeLorean Time Machine “How to Fall in Love, Build a Time Machine, …

Join professional time travelers Terry and Oliver Holler as they take you BACK through their incredible journey, then inspire you forward TO THE FUTURE! Witness their ‘build process’, enjoy a scenic whirlwind travelogue, and discover how they took life-threatening adversity and turned a passion toward a purpose.
Back to the Future: Adventures in a DeLorean Time Machine will be on The Black Hills Federal Credit Union Stage on Saturday, May 13th at 4 pm