Jill Thompson

Jill Thompson is the most well-known, female comic book artist working in the comics industry today. She has risen to the top of the male-dominated field and has garnered acclaim for her work on WONDER WOMAN, SWAMP THING, BLACK ORCHID and the award winning title, THE SANDMAN with Neil Gaiman. Jill’s first children’s book, THE SCARY GODMOTHER was released to critical acclaim and was adapted into 3-D animation. Jill enjoys working with different writers and artists and most recently collaborated with former-wrestler-turned-author, Mick Foley illustrating Mick Foley’s HALLOWEEN HIJINX, which debuted at number seven on the New York Times children’s books best seller list.

Jill, one of the first (and few) female artists to become a brand name in the traditionally male-centric comic-book industry, has been humanizing the morbid and unusual for more than 30 years now, distinguishing herself with a style pitched somewhere between storybook and matter-of-fact — with a whiff of the elegance of mid century commercial illustration. While other comic artists prefer ink, she tends toward the vaporous wash of watercolors. Her characters are a gallery of freaks made relatable: Swamp Things and X-Men, Invisibles, the talking dogs of “BEASTS OF BURDEN.” Since 1997, her signature has been the “SCARY GODMOTHER” children’s books, which tell the story of a witch who is gnarled and shrouded — and the reason for her home’s Halloween trappings.


Before that, she drew Neil Gaiman’s beloved, surreal “Sandman” series, as ambitious a monthly comic as ever existed, telling the ethereal epic of Dream, who travels through human consciousness, accompanied by his siblings, Destruction, Despair, Death.

In 2017 Jill was recognized with multiple Eisner Awards  for WONDER WOMAN: THE TRUE AMAZON in both the Best Painter/Multimedia Artist and Best Graphic Album categories. Thompson was additionally awarded an Eisner for her work on Dark Horse’s BEAST OF BURDEN: WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN.