Jason Marnocha

Jason Marnocha is a voice actor working primarily in video games and animated media. He is most notably recognized as the voice of Megatron in the Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy, but has also had the pleasure of working with Rooster Teeth on Red vs. Blue, on various shows with TeamFourStar, and on Bat in the Sun’s acclaimed Super Power Beat Down series. He has voice credits in video games such as the popular horror visual novel The Letter, the arena brawler BattleRite, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, virtual reality games such as The Wizards and Alice VR, and has dabbled in anime with Sound Cadence Studios in Rio! Rainbow Gate. Jason has also worked professionally as both a writer, script editor, and audio engineer. 

In his spare time he enjoys reading, a good cigar, a glass of scotch, and a good film… or, occasionally, a bad one.