Welcome to SiouxperCon

SiouxperCon is a fan convention that celebrates several mediums: Comicbooks, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime, board games, and video gaming.

Welcome to SiouxperGaming!

Tabletop, RPG, Board Games

*War Hammer Tournament is Saturday 11am –  7pm

*Pokemon Tournament is Saturday at 1pm – 4pm

We’ve added more games, check them out!


Board Game Library all evening – Lots of games to check out!

Tiny Epic Mash Up players 2 – 4 5pm – 7pm Play either Tiny Epic Galaxies and Tiny Epic

Quest Star Wars Imperial Assault players 1 – 4 6pm – 9pm Demo games of Star Wars Imperial Assault

Lovecraft Letter up to 8 players 7pm – 8pm The horror version of Love letter, just as fun, but a little more complicated.

Ticket to Ride 2 – 5 players 5pm – 8pm A great and classic intro/Family board game! Coup 3 – 6 players 8pm – 9pm A great social deduction game, set in the future where the government is run solely for profit. Only one can survive.


Tiny Epic Mash Up players 2 – 4 9am – 11am Play either Tiny Epic Galaxies and Tiny Epic Quest

Ticket to Ride 2 – 5 players 9am – 11am A great and classic intro/Family board game!

King of Tokyo/New York players 2 – 6 players 11am – 1pm Giant monsters battle to se who will be the King!

Who Goes There Players 2 – 8 2pm – 6pm Who Goes There is a game based on “The Thing” from Another World. The players are all trying to make it on to the Helicopter for escape, human and infected! The Humans must make sure that they don’t allow any infected players escape along with them.

Cosmic Encounter Players 3-5 1pm – 3pm Build a galactic empire… and rule the universe!

Exploding Kittens! 2 – 5 players 6pm – 7pm Try not to let one of those pesky kittens trigger the bomb!

Betrayal at House on the Hill Players 3 – 6 6pm – 9pm A group of people go searching through the abandoned house up on the hill. What danger or adventure will they find?

Ultimate Werewolf Players 5 – 30+ 8pm till whenever Werewolves have infested the small village. Who will win out? Will the villagers find the werewolves who lurk in the village and destroy them? Or will the werewolves slowly pickoff the villagers, one by one until only the werewolves remain? This is a social deduction game, with some light role playing involved.


Settlers of Catan Tournament 10am – 3pm players 3 – 12 Who can be the Ultimate Settler of Catan? Three rounds, with the top score being the winner. There will be prizes awarded.

Betrayal at House on the Hill Players 3 – 6 11am – 2pm A group of people go searching through the abandoned house up on the hill. What danger or adventure will they find?

Love Letter Players 2 – 8 11am – 2pm Who can get the most love letters sent to the princess? A great social deduction card game, that plays fast.


Video Games

SiouxperCon is more than comics and cosplay, and one of the ways we celebrate this is with a dedicated Video Game Area. No matter if you are playing the latest Call of Duty, or if your last video game was Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, we have games for you to enjoy. At SiouxperCon 2018 you will be able to enjoy video gaming (at no extra cost) on modern consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox 1, and PS4. We will also have all the old games available from SEGA Genesis, SNES, NES, Atari and more. Make sure you section off a huge chunk of time on your personal convention schedule to enter a gaming tournament or just stop by for open play on one of our 30+ consoles. (Gamers! You are welcome to bring your own games, but you will be responsible for them!) Tournaments! FREE TO ENTER! This year we are doing tournaments a little differently. No more big payouts to the winners, but also no more entry fee’s. We wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to be apart of a video game tournament. Instead of winning money, you will win one of the amazing SiouxperCon Video Game trophies. So valuable that we couldn’t even put a price on it if we tried. With this trophy, you will be able to brag all year long about your video game talents, with the hardware to back it up. Please join one of our amazing video game tournaments and see if you can be a champion! Come celebrate the love of video gaming and gaming culture at SiouxperCon 2018.

*tournaments that are not labeled as single or double elimination will depend on the amount of people that sign up and will be decided day of the tournament. 

SiouxperCon Gives Back

This is a great chance to give back to the community, and specifically, to raise funds for JY6 and REACH, two great local charities with wonderful causes


Do you like cosplaying as your favorite hero, villain, anime character, or something scarier? Siouxpercon is where you should be!!! We have contests,  photo ops and many other activities for you to partake in!!


Are you interested in becoming a Vendor at our 2018 event? Do you want to share your art with a large crowd?


Looking to explore dungeons, beat your friends in a race, defeat supervillians, crush the enemies of the Emperor, or maybe just looking to learn how to play new game? We got what you need! So come on down to SiouxperCon and have a blast with our tabletop and video games.


Do you want to help give back in a fun way? Help us give back and be a Siouxper Sponsor!

Contact Us

Looking for information about our event or charities or just have a question? Get in touch and we will take care of you!


SiouxperCon needs YOU to be a hero this year! Please consider volunteering to help us make 2018 a success!