Erik Burnham

Erik Burnham is a Minnesotan writer and artist that first broke into comics by way of the Nick Landime feature in the Shooting Star Comics Anthology. This led first to other anthologies, and then work for IDW Publishing – up to and including his critically acclaimed work on the Ghostbusters line of comic books. From there, he’s worked on properties such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Back to the Future, Galaxy Quest, Scarlet Spider, New Warriors, Red Sonja, Vampirella and KISS — and even the official Tobin’s Spirit Guide. Currently, you’ll find him writing the latest Ghostbusters series, CROSSING OVER, and preparing a million other projects besides. (Give or take.)

The appearance of Erik is brought to you by our partner(s)


The appearance of Erik is brought to you by our partner(s)