Eliot Rahal

Eliot Rahal is not only our featured guest, but he is also bringing copies of his SOLD OUT first issue of Cult Classic: Return to Whisper (published by Vault Comics) with a SiouxperCon EXCLUSIVE cover! That’s right, you can ONLY get a copy of this variant cover from SiouxperCon! Cult Classic: Return to Whisper is getting rave reviews and we couldn’t be more proud of our friend Eliot, or excited to have him at Siouxper DayCon 2018.

About Eliot Rahal:

Eliot is a Minneapolis based comic book writer and creator. He is known for his work on THE PAYBACKS (Dark Horse Comics), THE DOORMAN (Heavy Metal Comics), SPACE TAILS (Stela Comics), and has been featured by Valiant Comics (Archer & Armstrong #25, Unity #25, Divinity III: Escape from the Gulag, Ninjak Vs. the Valiant Universe).