Craftsmanship Level Award Guidelines

In addition to all of our major awards, we will be offering 3 awards in the craftsmanship category. Store bought costumes are not eligible for any of the craftsmanship level awards. Costumes competing in these categories are expected to be 75% made or altered in a significant manner by the contestant entering contest. Person who made cosplay must be present for it to be eligible for craftsmanship level awards. Judges can help with placement during prejudging. Portfolios are not required but strongly suggested for those competing in any of the craftsmanship levels. Prejudging is REQUIRED for craftsmanship award eligibility.
Best in Master:

  • Any cosplayer may enter Best in Master
  • Contestants in this category are expected to be highly experienced in competition, performance, and costuming technique

Best in Journeyman:

  • Any cosplayer that has won 3 or more major/minor awards in Novice will be placed in the Journeyman category
  • Cosplayers having won 4 or more major/minor awards in the Journeyman level are suggested to compete in the Master Craftsmanship level, judges do have the option of moving cosplayers up to Master
  • Professional costumers may not enter in the Journeyman division

Best in Novice:

  • New cosplayers and cosplayers that have never won any cosplay awards
  • Cosplayers that have won 2 or fewer minor awards in the Novice category
  • Cosplayers that have won one or more major awards will be suggested to compete in the Journeyman category and ultimate placement decision will reside with judges
  • Professional costumers may not enter in the Novice division

Prejudging will take place Saturday morning. This is only required for craftsmanship level competitors. Anyone wishing to be eligible for these awards should sign up for a 10 minute judging spot. This can be done starting at 10am day of competition.