Join Us September 2018

Friday the 28th

Saturday the 29th

Sunday the 30th

Sioux Falls Convention Center

1201 Northwest Ave,

Sioux Falls, SD 57104


Welcome to SiouxperCon

SiouxperCon is a fan convention that celebrates several mediums: Comicbooks, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime, board games, and video gaming.

Do You Cosplay?

Cosplay Rules and Guidelines

Craftsmanship Level Award Guidelines

In addition to all of our major awards, we will be offering 3 awards in the craftsmanship category. Store bought costumes are not eligible for any of the craftsmanship level awards. Costumes competing in these categories are expected to be 75% made or altered in a significant manner by the contestant entering contest. Person who made cosplay must be present for it to be eligible for craftsmanship level awards. Judges can help with placement during prejudging. Portfolios are not required but strongly suggested for those competing in any of the craftsmanship levels. Prejudging is REQUIRED for craftsmanship award eligibility.
Best in Master:

  • Any cosplayer may enter Best in Master
  • Contestants in this category are expected to be highly experienced in competition, performance, and costuming technique

Best in Journeyman:

  • Any cosplayer that has won 3 or more major/minor awards in Novice will be placed in the Journeyman category
  • Cosplayers having won 4 or more major/minor awards in the Journeyman level are suggested to compete in the Master Craftsmanship level, judges do have the option of moving cosplayers up to Master
  • Professional costumers may not enter in the Journeyman division

Best in Novice:

  • New cosplayers and cosplayers that have never won any cosplay awards
  • Cosplayers that have won 2 or fewer minor awards in the Novice category
  • Cosplayers that have won one or more major awards will be suggested to compete in the Journeyman category and ultimate placement decision will reside with judges
  • Professional costumers may not enter in the Novice division

Prejudging will take place Saturday morning. This is only required for craftsmanship level competitors. Anyone wishing to be eligible for these awards should sign up for a 10 minute judging spot. This can be done starting at 10am day of competition.

Personal Interaction Policy
  • DO NOT touch another person, or his/her costume, without permission. Uninvited touching or grabbing will not be tolerated. Repeat violators will be ejected from the convention.
  • Be respectful of others. No harassment, catcalling, verbal abuse or stalking will be tolerated.
  • SiouxperCon is intended to be a safe space for all attendees, guests, and staff to come together and share. If you feel you are being harassed by any attendee, staff, guest, or member of the general public, please contact Security or convention staff and provide them with a description of the incident as well as the person, including what they wearing and the area it happened in. DO NOT engage in retaliation or in any way escalate the event.
  • You may not lead another person around with leashes, handcuffs, chains, ropes, etc.
Costume Coverage Policy
  • Costumes must be suitable for all audiences, as SiouxperCon is an all-ages convention. Laws of public decency apply — if you would not wear it to Rainbow Comics or Dragon’s Den, do not wear it at the con. If you aren’t sure, don’t.
  • Body paint is not a costume.
  • No nudity or adult-themed props are permitted.
  • Appropriate footwear is required at all times in the hotel and convention area. If your costume calls for bare feet, you may wear flip-flops or ballet slippers, but the soles of your feet should not come in contact with the floor.
  • Inline skates (i.e. Rollerblades), roller skates, Togo skates, sneaker skates (i.e. Heelys), and the like may not be worn or used in the convention area.
  • No fake blood that can smeared, squirted, dripped, sprayed or be otherwise transferred to another person or surface. This includes any type of dye, food coloring, or makeup.
  • Body makeup that easily smears or transfers to any person or property cannot not be worn. Please properly seal and set all makeup so that does not happen. Staff reserves the right to spot test for proper setting of blood or makeup.
  • You must have a clear line of sight, this includes peripheral vision. Being only able to see through a tiny eye slot does NOT constitute a clear line of sight. If this is unavoidable, cosplayer MUST have a handler at all times. Other cosplayer with masks or heads do not qualify as a handler.
  • SiouxperCon staff reserves the right to make final judgment calls on what is “decent”. If staff feels that your costume is indecent or inappropriate in any way, you will be asked to change or cover it.
Clothing and Sign Policy

Clothing or signs that display messages deemed to be inappropriate or offensive to others (including, but not limited to, explicit language, homophobic, sexually suggestive or racially offensive material) will not be permitted. Convention staff reserve the right to ask attendees to change or cover offensive clothing. Failure to comply will result in your badge being confiscated. SiouxperCon is an inclusive event and encourages diversity and respect.

  • If you wish to take a photo, please ask the cosplayer for permission first.
  • Do not block hallways or public areas while taking photos. If you are taking a photo, please move to one side of the hallway against a wall, or move to another area.
  • There will be a photobooth at the event, and SiouxperCon invites you to take your pictures in that area.
Props Policy
  • ALL PROPS RESEMBLING WEAPONS must be inspected, “Peace Tied,” and approved by Staff and/or Security prior to being carried or displayed in public areas. If you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will be asked to take it back to your hotel room or vehicle. If there are continued violations with the same prop, your weapon will be confiscated and you may be ejected from the convention.
    ALL projectile weapons are prohibited.
    Prop guns will be permitted, pending inspection by Security, only if they meet the following criteria:

    • They have no clips or moving parts
    • They have a non-removable orange safety tip
    • Remain Peace Tied at all times

    No live steel (edged metal weapons) will be permitted. Bladed replica weapons must be made of a non-metal, non-sharp material, must be no more than 72 inches in length, and must be approved by Security.
    Commercial weapon replicas purchased in the dealer room must remain peace-bonded/wrapped at all times, and must be taken directly to your hotel room or car after purchase. They may not be carried around the convention. If you are seen carrying a non-compliant weapon in convention areas, it will be confiscated and held by Security until the end of the convention.
    If convention staff feel that your prop poses a risk to others, you will be asked to remove the item from public areas, or it may be confiscated.
    Prohibited Materials

    • Candles, fireworks, sparklers, liquid fuels or other fire hazards are strictly prohibited.
    • Please avoid loose materials such as sand, glitter, confetti, flower petals or other items that are designed to fall, scatter, or otherwise separate from your costume.
    • Please do not bring in props that too closely resemble drugs or alcohol.


Any cosplayer(s) in any type (closet, self-made, store bought) cosplay is/are eligible to win this award. Judges will take into account all aspects of cosplay and contestant’s performance.

Any group with 2 or more contestants wearing any type of cosplay is eligible to win this award.

Cosplayers 10 and younger in any type of cosplay are eligible for this award. Cosplayers in this category must be accompanied by an adult guardian.

Cosplayers wearing non fabricated or altered clothing costumes that show innovation by using on hand or inexpensive materials are eligible to win this award. Closet Cosplay indicates that a cosplayer has taken items already owned and styled/altered them into an amazing cosplay worthy of an award.

If there are two or more skits entered into the competition, this category will be awarded based on performance as well as judge/audience reaction. Skits are not to exceed 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. Please note on cosplay form if there is audio for the skit, you will be contacted about audio so be sure to include an email address. We may be unable to use audio submitted on the day of competition. Skits do not require audio.

Each judge will be awarding a cosplayer they feel deserves recognition in the form a Judge’s Choice and they will base it on whatever qualifications they so choose.

SiouxperCon Gives Back

This is a great chance to give back to the community, and specifically, to raise funds for JY6 and REACH, two great local charities with wonderful causes


Do you like cosplaying as your favorite hero, villain, anime character, or something scarier? Siouxpercon is where you should be!!! We have contests,  photo ops and many other activities for you to partake in!!


Are you interested in becoming a Vendor at our 2018 event? Do you want to share your art with a large crowd? 


Looking to explore dungeons, beat your friends in a race, defeat supervillians, crush the enemies of the Emperor, or maybe just looking to learn how to play new game? We got what you need! So come on down to SiouxperCon and have a blast with our tabletop and video games.


Do you want to help give back in a fun way? Help us give back and be a Siouxper Sponsor!

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