Learn what it takes to make a professional looking cover from book cover designer, Dawn Witzke. She’ll cover design programs, artwork, typography and how to put it all together.

Book Cover Design for Indie Authors 1. Learn what makes a good cover A. Follow cover critic/educational blogs http://www.thebookdesigner.com/ http://causticcovercritic.blogspot.com/ http://covercritics.com/ B. Create a tear file 2. What makes a good cover? A. Eye catching artwork a. hints at what the book is about b. uncluttered B. Typography a. Stick to no more than 2 fonts b. Font needs to match genre C. Layout 3. Who is going to create your cover? a. Designer b. Premade c. do it yourself 4. Do It Yourself a. Where are you using your cover? b. Kindle c. Create Space d. Smashwords e. Amazon 5. What are the specs? a. Size b. DPI c. Bleed 6. Artwork a. From where? b. Illustrator c. Public Domain d. Self provided e. Copyright 7. Typography a. Font b. Size c. Readability 8. Layout a. Lines b. Spacing 9. Examples 10. Questions