Alyson Court

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Alyson Court has been working in television & film for over 30 years, becoming the face & voice of kids’ shows across the globe and a name synonymous with quality children’s programming. Though one of Nelvana’s original “brat pack”, landing lead roles in everything from Ewoks to Beetlejuice (and as Arkayna in the current hit Mysticons), Alyson is also known for voicing Jubilee in the original animated X-Men series, Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil video game franchise, and perhaps best for her internationally iconic portrayal of Loonette from The Big Comfy Couch. Despite staying busy in front of the camera & mic, Ms Court also worked quietly behind the scenes throughout the 90s & 00s building an impressively eclectic production résumé. This included a foray into the video game world where she joined a localization team, helped launch a video game development company and opened Toronto’s first motion capture service studio. She finally took time off with the birth of her son in 2003, turning down several work offers in the process. Though she continued to balance work & personal life, family would be priority number one for the next 12 years. She was and continues to be involved in several volunteer programs for children & youth including Easter Seals, Make A Wish, Dreams Take Flight, Scouts Canada and, her 2 newest personal outreach initiatives: Voice acting & mentorship training programs for both low income youth & performers with physical disabilities. Now the proud mamma of a thriving 15 year old, Alyson is stepping back into the forefront of Canada’s entertainment industry. A stellar 2016 saw her return to acting on-camera as well as directing her voice actors to back-to-back wins & an overall domination of the voice performance category for both the ACTRA Awards & Canadian Screen Awards. To top it off, articles at Huffington Post, MTV, Yahoo, Hello Giggles, Buzzfeed & a ratings-high appearance on This Hour Has 22 Minutes highlighted a huge resurgence of Alyson’s popularity with Millennials, solidifying her status as a timeless & true childhood icon. Even George Takei is a fan! Alyson continues to build upon her extensive portfolio, currently directing in Toronto, NY & LA for hit series including the Netflix reboot, the Magic School Bus: Rides Again! and the summer 2018 release series Cupcake and Dino also for Netflix